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The likelihood of being hit by ransomware escalated sharply in 2016. Ransomware is a high profit, low risk venture for attackers, and attacks are both more prevalent and more sophisticated than before, often blending phishing and social engineering methods to devastating effect.
Computing and Redstor surveyed 125 business decision makers representing businesses ranging in size from fewer than 250 employees to those with many thousands and from multiple industry sectors about their experiences of and attitudes to ransomware.
This paper discusses the extent to which our respondents have been affected by ransomware – whether they had been attacked and if so, the extent and implications of the attack in terms of lost data. The paper also looks at the types of defence that organisations are mounting against ransomware and how likely they are to be successful. It concludes with a discussion on the importance of both end point and off-network back-up as a means of neutralising ransomware attacks.

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